Thursday , May 23 2024
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Maine Considers Legalizing Marijuana Internet and Drive-Thru Sales


Maine is looking to make purchasing marijuana easier for its residents. New legislation has been introduced to allow for drive-through dispensaries and internet sales to be placed. Internet sales would be delivered to the resident’s home.

This bill has drawn up quite a bit of controversy among lawmakers, Entrepreneur reports. Supporters of the legislation are in agreement that marijuana should be treated like alcohol. They’re confused as to why Maine wouldn’t want to make purchasing it just as easy as buying alcohol.

Senator Roger Katz co-chairs the marijuana committee. He is opposed to both aspects of the new legislation.

Katz said, “Given the fact that about half the people in the state voted against legalization, I think we ought to go slow and be cautious in the beginning.”

Katz mentioned that allowing drive-through service and Internet sales may draw federal attention to the state. He says that internet sales have the potential to increase interstate transport.

Colorado opened the first drive-through dispensary earlier this year in Parachute. Tumbleweed Express Drive-Thru opened on 4/20. Their security completely secludes the customer’s vehicle with closed doors for safety. Maine is hoping to follow suit.