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Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in Maine

Campaign Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Maine

The campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in Maine is a statewide ballot initiative supporting the end of marijuana prohibition in Maine and replacing it with a system in which marijuana is regulated and taxed similarly to alcohol.

The campaign’s website summarizes the ballot initiative as:

End marijuana prohibition — The initiative allows adults 21 years of age and older to possess a limited amount of marijuana, grow a limited number of marijuana plants in their homes, and possess the marijuana produced by those plants. It will remain illegal to use marijuana in public.

Regulate marijuana — The initiative establishes a tightly regulated system of licensed marijuana retail stores, cultivation facilities, product-manufacturing facilities, and testing facilities, and it creates rules governing the production, testing, transportation, and sale of marijuana and marijuana-related products (e.g. testing, labeling, and packaging requirements). Cities and towns will have the right to prohibit the operation of marijuana establishments.

Tax marijuana — The initiative enacts a 10% tax on adult-use marijuana sales, which will be used to implement and enforce regulations. Any remaining funds will be used by the legislature to benefit the citizens of Maine. Medical marijuana sales will NOT be subjected to the 10% sales tax.

Learn more here: Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in Maine

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