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Marijuana Advocacy Group Selling Mock Jeff Sessions Rolling Papers

Jeff Sessions Rolling Papers

A marijuana legalization advocacy group, #JeffSesh, has released rolling papers with Jeff Sessions’ face front and center.

According to its website, #JeffSesh is a “grassroots campaign” telling the U.S. Attorney General that all kinds of people smoke legal marijuana, and they aren’t “criminals, junkies, or idiots,” reports.

The “General Jeff’s Old Rebel Session Papers” are available in two colors. The first batch of the papers has already sold out, but the group says a new company is working on making more rolling papers fast.

The packages are available in black and white, both showing Sessions smoking a joint with the slogan, “Don’t Beauregard that joint, my friend!” Other slogans used are “Please sesh responsibly” and “Have a #JeffSesh.”

The papers can be ordered on the #JeffSesh website or on the advocacy group’s Etsy store.

#JeffSesh has an additional message for the attorney general: “We’re good, responsible, patriotic Americans. We’re voters from both parties, and no parties. We are regular Jeffs all over the USA. We are upstanding citizens who don’t want to hide every time we want to enjoy a sesh. And frankly, we’re offended the top law enforcement officer in the nation thinks we’re bad people. #JeffSesh is the coming out party for 21st century legal cannabis users. We bet Mister Sessions will be surprised to see what good people we are!”

Photo: goo. gl/9GFh4i