Saturday , March 25 2023
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City Council Bans Marijuana Caregivers from Commercial Spaces

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Ellsworth City Council voted to enact a six-month moratorium banning medical marijuana caregivers from commercial spaces. This means that caregivers can only grow for patients in their homes. The vote was unanimous.

The moratorium is for six-months, according to The Ellsworth American. The council thought the moratorium was necessary because, “a growing number of requests for the establishment of caregiver operations outside the primary residence” were noticed. A glass pipe maker, who also intends to use the space to consult medical marijuana clients in, opened in the downtown area, and that adds to the Council’s concern.

City Manager David Cole says it’s the “right thing to do”.  The moratorium, at least according to Cole, is to provide Ellsworth with the time it needs to decide on firm regulations and zoning regulations for the new industry.

Roseanna Rich was the only person to make comments during the public portion of the hearing for the moratorium discussion.

Rich said, “I would just ask the council, perhaps, to consider involving some of these caregivers in making some of these recommendations. Maybe there is some cooperative action that can take place.”

The city’s legal counsel has signed off on the moratorium. Caregivers in Maine are regulated differently than medical marijuana dispensaries.  There were no specific reasons given for the moratorium’s approval.