Monday , June 24 2024
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Maine House Approves Recreational Marijuana Regulation Bill


The bipartisan committee’s amended version of its marijuana regulation bill passed the Maine House. The vote was 112-34, making that majority a veto-proof one. The bill still needs to be passed by the Maine Senate.

Governor LePage threatened to veto legalization in Maine, but this vote would prevent that, WGME 13 News reports. Local controls would be maintained and Maine residents would have an easier time of entering the industry. Smaller businesses would also have an easier application process.

No social clubs would be allowed. The proposed tax rate on sales would be 20-percent. Stronger protections to prevent marijuana from being accessed by children are also in place.

The bill just needs the Senate’s approval. With it being veto-proof, final approval and signage by the Governor would allow the licensing process to begin early next year.