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Former Grange Hall in Casco Village Becoming Marijuana Grow Facility

The former Casco Grange Hall was sold to a developer. Its location, across from a community center and library, is a bit controversial. Not all residents are thrilled with the facility.

A law requiring a 500-foot barrier between caregiver cultivation facilities and schools expires on July 1, WGME 13 News reports. As it stands now, municipalities can regulate caregivers, but has to treat them just like any other business of a similar size. Public comment hearings were heated in March when the facility was initially discussed.

Town Manager David Morton said, “Without specific legislation that would allow us to say no, I’m not aware of any ability, and not even certain the town can take action against medical facilities like that.”

Casco has two other medical marijuana facilities, and according to Morton, they haven’t caused any problems.

Morton said, “(Residents) don’t need to be worried about people pouring in and out and walking down the streets of Casco smoking their marijuana.”

Resident Wanda Vaughn-Carr is okay with the facility opening. She said, “You have to go through a lot of red tape just to be a caregiver, just to help a family member.”

Ryan Henderson is behind the cultivation facility. He has 10-years’ experience as a caregiver and has maintained his compliance with state law. To address the residents’ concerns, he mentioned the extensive security camera system that the building will have. He’s more than willing to speak with residents and answer questions. He is an open-book and wants the residents of Casco to be comfortable and accepting of the medical marijuana cultivation facility. He’s hoping to educate some of the residents as well.