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Former DEA Agent Now Working in Maine’s Marijuana Industry

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Scott Durst worked as a drug enforcement agent in Maine for about 30 years. His life’s work was to put drug dealers behind bars. He’s retired and has made a major career shift as a private security consultant ensuring that cash funds make it safely from marijuana dispensaries to financial institutions.

Only a few banks and credit unions work with marijuana-related businesses in Maine, according to The Times Record. Durst also works to educate those in the industry how to protect themselves against potential thieves. Local law enforcement is also helped so that they can understand how to work with the legal marijuana businesses cohesively in the state.

Durst said, “At first, I thought, ‘Oh boy, I don’t know if I can do this,’ but I talked to my former colleagues, and they said if somebody’s going to do it, we’re glad it’s you because this is going to be a nightmare for law enforcement. That’s how I justify it in my head. I’m still fighting illegal drug crime. I’m just doing it from the inside.”

It helps Durst maintain his anonymity by performing his job duties in an inconspicuous vehicle. He also does his best to blend in.

Part of his routine is to take the cash from the dispensaries and secure it into locked bank bags. He also uses a trunk safe and an inconspicuous backpack, so that no one is the wiser of his reason for being there. Even if he’s picking up a bank bag, he’s unaware of what type of cash is in them as he is not provided the keys.

He also changes his route frequently so that no one catches on. His career in undercover operations and as a drug enforcement agent has taught him how to remain safe, undetected and appear to look like any other member of society.

Durst remains protected at all times as he does carry a firearm. Most would take him for a former member of the military or law enforcement. He’ll be adding a K-9 sidekick to his “team” in the fall.