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Internet Craze over Maine’s Marijuana Lobsters

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Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound was administering a tiny amount of marijuana to lobsters before boiling them. The owner, Charlotte Gill, claimed that the plant helped to calm the crustaceans before being boiled. She also claimed that the miniscule dose did not transfer to consumers.

The restaurant owner designed a small plastic box that held a small amount of marijuana smoke, Maine Public notes.  The revolutionary box acted as a water vapor type of delivery method. Water would be the base with the smoke filling the space above it.

Gill said, “Basically, it’s a device that allows smoke to go through a hosing system or tubing system. It saturates a low level of water in a container and then it fills the air space above it.”

She also said, “We are under the impression that lobsters don’t feel any pain.”

From her experience, she doesn’t completely believe that.

Richard Wahle of the University of Maine and Lobster Institute said, “I don’t think the science is there right now to say whether or not lobsters are anesthetized by marijuana, but it’s an intriguing idea and maybe worthy of exploration.”

The state has not demanded that Gill stop administering marijuana to the lobsters, but made a public request via its website. There are no regulatory procedures in place regarding this practice. Gill is licensed to grow medical marijuana, but there are no licenses available for her practices on lobsters.

David Heidrich of the state’s medical marijuana program said, “Medical marijuana may only be grown for and provided to persons with a marijuana recommendation from a qualified medical provider. Lobsters are not people.”

The lobsters are not sold to customers.

Gill said, regarding the state’s request, that, “We are friend; not foe. Not the opposition. Only a little group of hardworking Mainers trying to make the world a kinder place. Therefore, we hope to walk this new road together with them, but are ultimately willing to blaze the trail alone if need be.”

Gill is hoping that the state will recognize her method and permit the administration of medical marijuana prior to boiling to provide a more humane process for the crustaceans. She’s hoping to be able to offer her medicated lobsters for sale sometime in October, if regulators work to approve her request.

She said, regarding her method, “We are doing this out of compassion for the lobsters and their well-being, not our own.”

There is a lot of buzz about her method and Gill reports having increased inquiries about the medicated lobsters. She has received both positive and negative feedback.