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Maine Expects First Retail Marijuana Stores to Open in 2019


Maine lawmakers are still in the process of making the rules for the state’s recreational marijuana industry. It expects the first retail stores to open within the next year. Retailers are patiently waiting for the application process to open up for licensing.

The regulation plan for the state is 82-pages long, according to WMTW 8 News. The state Legislature has to approve the final rules. That is expected to happen by the end of April.

Patricia Rosi of Wellness Connection of Maine said, “Oh we’re ready, we’re ready. Allowing folks to be able to legally purchase, this really provides access to a wider range of consumers.”

If final regulatory approval happens on time – retail stores are expected to be able to open by the end of 2019.

Alec Porteous of the Maine Department of Administrative and Financial Services said, “Until May, we didn’t have actual legislation enacted. You’ve got a big change to Maine law. We’re starting up something where there is no federal framework. There are a few states that have done it but we’re still out on the frontier.”

It remains unknown how many municipalities will uphold or instill moratoriums on recreational sales. Each municipality must adopt their own ordinances regarding retail marijuana stores – especially if they do not want them in their jurisdictions.