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Maine School District Making Rules for Medical Marijuana Students

Medical Cannabis

The Kittery School Committee is working on updating its rules regarding medical marijuana. The district says that no students currently use the medicine, but the district needs to be prepared for students that are certified in the future.

The policy proposed would require parents or guardians of qualifying children to pick up a “request to administer marijuana in school” form from school nurses, Bangor Daily News says. The parent or guardian filling out the form would also have to name a caregiver. The caregiver must be registered with the state’s medical marijuana program and give the medicine to the qualifying child. Even if the student is 18 years old, a caregiver must administer the medicine.

The policy says, in part, “Arrangements will be made between the school administration and the designated caregiver to schedule the administration of medical marijuana in a manner that will minimize disruption to school operations and the student’s educational program, and that will not impact other students or employees and may not be held, possessed or administered by anyone other than the caregiver.”

No smokable or vaporized forms of medical marijuana will be permitted on school grounds.

Superintendent Eric Waddell said, “We always want to be prepared. One of the common uses among school-aged children is to treat chronic illness. One example may be a student who lives with a seizure disorder.”

The new policy is expected to be implemented soon.