Monday , June 27 2022
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Massachusetts Patients Can Now Get Medical Marijuana in Maine

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Maine is thinking more about tourism, and as part of that, has decided to reciprocate medical marijuana services to Massachusetts patients visiting the state. Other states signed on to “opt-in” to reciprocity in Maine prior to Massachusetts. Those visiting Maine from 26 different states can use their medical marijuana cards at the state’s dispensaries.

Maine will allow any state’s patients to access their medicine as long as that state “opts-in”, according to The Boston Globe. Maine previously allowed out-of-state visitors to have access to medical marijuana as long as they visited a Maine provider to gain proper certification to be able to purchase medical marijuana from dispensaries there. In order for Massachusetts to be allowed to join Maine’s program, a wealth of information had to be submitted. Both jurisdictions had to agree on terms and reciprocity to make the move possible.

David Heidrich Jr. of the Maine Office of Marijuana Policy said, “We were pleased to work with the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission to add the Commonwealth to our list of authorized states. Such a step is important, given our regional proximity, to the medical marijuana patients from Massachusetts that visit our remarkable state for both work and vacation.”